Recently, I was asked about the Legal Lettering on a commercial vehicle.  If you are a business owner with a commercial vehicle you may be wondering the same thing.  What is the law ? What does the law require to be posted on a vehicle in the 5 boroughs of New York?

It may be surprising to you to know the law only requires your address on the doors, nothing else.  The law does not require you to have your phone number or even your business name.  If you have a vehicle with commercial plates you are required by law to have your address permanently posted on that vehicle in 3″ high letters, thats it. (You can certainly add the business name and phone number but that is only optional) And Granted, 3” high letters may seem a bit extreme and on certain vehicles even gaudy – but we here at Vinyl Images do our best to make the vehicle lettering pleasing to the eye and attractive for the vehicle itself.  Wether you prefer your lettering subtle or shouting your name and everything in between – we pride ourselves  in making that happen for you !  Who says even one line of text with an address need to be boring ? Who says we can only use helvetica ? Not Vinyl images. 

Your Image is an essential part of your business and here at Vinyl Images we give you the image you prefer while we keep your vehicle legal under the requirements of the law.

And you can opt to have your business name and logo and even your phone number added to the address on the vehicle doors – usually at no extra charge.

And why use one color ? Only if you want to.  But if you think 2 colors or even 3 will make your lettering pop then we agree – again – no extra charge – 

We like to go the extra mile here at Vinyl images.